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Freeze Drying Machine Manufacturers

Frozen in Time Ltd designs and builds freeze drying machines for a wide range of applications starting with our 3kg bench top laboratory model up to 1,000kg machines for production. Since being founded in 1993, Frozen in Time Ltd., has exported its freeze driers to every continent.

Applications include
·        Archaeological: Freeze drying waterlogged wood, leather and other artefacts
·        Biotech: Producing freeze dried reagents and diagnostic products
·        Disaster Recovery: Freeze drying water damaged books and documents
·        Environmental: Freeze drying soil and river silt samples for analysis
·        Floral: Freeze drying flowers and flower petals
·        Food Processing: Freeze drying food, meat, fruit and vegetables both raw and cooked
·        Industry: Freeze drying powders
·        Pharmaceutical: Production of drugs and biologicals
·        Research: Laboratory freeze drying in vials, dishes or flasks
·        Taxidermy: Freeze drying taxidermy specimens

We have a wide range of tried and tested designs or we can build to meet customer requirements. Our freeze driers are manufactured in our United Kingdom factory with ISO 9001 accreditation, and IQ/OQ validation can be supplied when required.

We offer 12 month warranty plus comprehensive after sales service.