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After much planning and designing our prototype refrigeration coils are installed and ready for testing. 
Our biggest machine to date has been finished, tested and loaded for delivery. 
Look at the size of the shelves! 
Now we are all settled in and comfortable we would like to share a photo of the factory with everyone. Hopefully it will serve us and your customers well for years to come! 
Frozen in Time factory
In order to have the capacity to build more machines at once and also larger capacity machines Frozen in Time have moved to a new premises with double the floorspace. 
We at Frozen in Time often hear the question, "What is freeze drying exactly?"  
In short, freeze drying is a process that removes water from a frozen material via sublimation - the direct conversion of ice to vapour. 
The aim of freeze drying is to obtain a readily water-soluble product which has the same characteristics as the original product after the readdition of water. 
Freeze drying is often considered the "Gold Standard" of dehydration and drying processes in terms of overall quality. 
Despite a lack of turkey and pigs in blankets, we still went ahead and freeze dried a preliminary test batch of various foods in a recently built freeze drier. 
Freeze dried food test batch
Following feedback from customers visitng our website we have now updated our product pages to show our range of Lablyo lyophilizer/freeze dryer compatible accessories. 
some accessories
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